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What is This Web Site is About?

What is this site, you ask? Simple, we are the top information “phone book” of the United Kingdom for the best web sites in the world! SFCP is the modern equivalent to the Yellow Pages in the US. Need to look up something fast? We are here to help you. SFCP is the top website directory in the UK. We have guides to everything from the newest web site to dead web sites. Our search engines are top of the line and will get you the top results without pause. We never miss an update and we will bring you nothing but the best. Most of the time, users are either searching or browsing for what is on their mind at the time. We take both actions and blend them into a happy combination to get the best results.

What on Earth is a Web Site Directory?

What is a web site directory, you ask? Think of a giant phone book, Google, and the Wayback Machine all rolled into one. Everything is sort out in the appropriate categories and subcategories. Santino Fiorente Collected Positive goes as far as to list archived web sites. We will let you know what is up to date every hour, on the hour. Why use the search engine and wind up getting lost down a rabbit hole when you can find what you want right away with just one click? A directory will have everything right then and there in one place. But what if you do not remember the exact name of the web site you are looking for? SFCP will list not only the name and link, but we also give you the description of every single site and what is on it. Just plug in key words and phrases and your results will pop up just as accurate.

Why Should You Use a Web Site Directory?

Like our competitors around the world, we have all the web sites around the world in one place. We let you know the status of the web site you are looking for. If it is dead, we have the archived version of the site when it was last saved. We even have access to old and new videos all over the internet. Best part is, SFCP is easy to use. All ages can use our directory. Even the elderly can find what they want without getting confused in the process. Plus, we do not just give you one little page. We go all of the way and give you the whole site that you are seeking.

The Birth of Santino Fiorente Collected Positive

In 2013, creator Santino Fiorente had just finished working at his igambling job for the night and just wanted to look around on the internet as a way to unwind. After looking through so many web sites, he got to thinking. What if there was one site that had all of the web sites you wanted all right there and you did not have to go searching for hours? He got together with a couple of his friends and they all got to brainstorming. Hence, the birth of SFCP. Ever since that faithful night in 2013, we keep growing and collecting new information. Fiorente’s baby is funded by his day job and his heart and soul go into keeping it at the top. Thanks to his skills from working at various online businesses such as Slots and Stripes and Slot Prince, he takes his time to evolve SFCP to keep up with the ever-changing world.