About Me

Who is Santino Fiorente?

Born in Napoli, Italy on May 1st, 1977, Santino Fiorente grew up with mother and younger brother. After his father left, Mrs. Fiorente supposed her children by working for the local newspaper. When Fiorente was twelve, his mother took her sons and moved to London, England. From there, he worked to make his mother proud. Fiorente made the top of his classes in high school. After graduation, he was accepted into Queen Mary, University of London. From a young age, Fiorente always loved to work with his hands. He first started using a computer when he was thirteen. It did not take him long to start learning how they work and how to fix them. It was only natural for him to start taking computer classes at QMUOL. During his second year of university, Fiorente made the faithful decision to start a career in web design. Just like everything else computer-related, he adapted and excelled in his classes. Fiorente made a few friends along the way. Some of them even helped with the born of Santino Fiorente Collected Positive years later. In the spring of 1998, Fiorente graduated with honors and went onto enroll into grad school. After finishing with a masters in web development in 2002, he started looking for work. It did not take long before he started to catch the eyes of Slots and Stripes, an igambling site. Intrigued by the business, Fiorente accepted the job in October of 2003. Two years later, he started working at another igambling site called Lucky Slot Kingdom. Less then six months later, that site went under and Fiorente started looking for another job. Luckily, he managed to find a day job working for tech support at a small local computer company. He excelled at the job and found satisfaction to use his skills a little bit more. There, he met he soon-to-be long time partner, Cassie. She encouraged Fiorente to take up a second job and live through his passions in web design. By 2010, he applied for another igambling site called Slot Prince. After a typical round of interviews, he got the job as site manager.

Fiorente still lives in London with his girlfriend and their two dogs, Storm and Martin. In his spare time, he likes to cook, sample different wines, and read.