On a summer night of 2013, I had a long day working for the Slot Prince. I just wanted a moment to relax and forget about the day before going to bed. I went to Google and searched for some funny videos to watch. After a few minutes of searching, I became bored and headed over to YouTube. That is when I got to thinking. What if there was one site that had all of the web sites you wanted all right there and you did not have to go searching for hours? So, I called up a couple of my friends and we sat around talking for a little bit. About a day later, we came up with Santino Fiorente Collected Positive. Our directory took effort and work to build from the ground up. Lucky for us, I had the skills and business savvy to help started this web site started. I used my day job to help fund SFCP. My best friend helped with the design and layout of the web site itself. By the end of the month, the web directory made its debut. The beginning was a little shaky like most new web sites and businesses are. But within weeks, everything started to pick up. Before long, SFCP was one of the top web directories in the UK. Four years later, SFCP is still up and running strong.

I may be the founder of Santino Fiorente Collected Positive, but I do not do the work alone. My friends and I do all of the maintenance work to keep everything running without problems. We are quick to find any problems and fix them as soon as we can. If you have questions, we are there to answer them. Unlike some webmasters, we are committed to giving you satisfaction and listening to your feedback. Every year, we grow and evolve to keep up with the constantly evolving world. This year alone, we have reached up to over a million clicks. We owe all our thanks to you, the users. Without you, SFCP would not be as big as it is today.

In a nutshell, I just wanted to make searching and browsing the web much more simpler. Sometimes, I myself cannot believe how it easy to use our directory. One sleepless night led to the birth of a beautiful creation.